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CDs DVDs Replication & Blank Media Manufacturing

CD DVD Replication

CD DVD Replication

CD-DA, CD-ROM, VCD, DVD-ROM, Business card CD, DVD-5,DVD-9

CD DVD Solutions

Media Solutions

CD Music, CD DVD Video, Data CDs, Multimedia CDs DVDs ...

 Paper CD Sleeve

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CD jewel case, DVD case, CD wallet, Digi-pack, CD sleeve, etc.


Innove is specialized in manufacturing CDs DVDs and optical discs packaging products in China. As an industry leader in technology and cost, Innove provides worldwide clients with perfect solutions for high quality and diversified CD/DVD package - one-stop mass production of CD-ROM DVD-ROM discs, audio/video CD/DVD replication, multimedia business CD cards and tailor-cut custom CDs or DVDs!

CDs DVDs Replication - Read-only Series: We offer legitimate replication service for various CDs and DVDs media: interactive audio-visual CDs DVDs promotional cards, music CD or DVD discs, Video CDs DVDs, business name card CD disc, CD DVD multimedia gift cards, CD DVD documentary, and other CD-ROM, DVD-ROM discs... Minimum order quantity for replication is 10,000 CD DVD discs of a single item.
Blank CDs DVDs media - Recordable Series: Blank CD-R DVD-R discs, 80mm Mini CD-R & DVD-R, printable CD-R DVD-Rs, Non-printed or full-color branded CD-R & DVD-R optical discs, rectangular business card CD-R disc, CD-RW, DVD-RW (rewriteable), Mini DVD-RW... Blank CDs or DVDs can be shipped with spindle bulk packing, branded cake boxes packing or other custom retailing package,.
Media Packaging products - Blank CD DVD cases series: DVD cases, CD jewel cases, CD sleeve, clamshell CD case, CD DVD wallets, CD DVD digitrays, small DVD cases, paper CD DVD sleeve, cardboard CD DVD case and OEM/ODM CD DVD case with custom injection molds.

High Quality CD/DVD Replication in China - Save Time and Money with Innove!CD DVD Discs Manufacturing workshop

  • High Quality: Professional staff and advanced equipments are guarantees for excellent quality in CD DVD discs production.
  • Favorable Price: Competitive prices are offered with such cost-down factors as large-scale CDs/DVDs production capability, scientific management, and lower overheads in China.
  • Fast Turn-around: Up to 500,000 CDs, 250,000 DVDs and 130 CD DVD master discs can be delivered EACH DAY.
  • One-stop Solution: Turnkey service of CDs DVDs related solutions available: mastering (source media), CD/DVD replication, sampling, disc printing, artwork, label/inserts, media packaging and international logistic support.

  • If you're planning a CD or DVD business and want to check out the budget, or have any questions on duplication/replication and/or blank CD-R/DVD-R manufacturing, please call or email us. We will figure out the favorable budget and answer any of your professional questions in earnest. Just provide us with the CD or DVD media source and leave everything else to us, we'll deliver the desired media package to you before the deadline, especially when in large quantity!

    We, all staff at Innove, spare no effort to enhance and innovate our products and service. Please dig into our website to learn more of our audio-visual CDs and DVDs products.

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